About The Swiss Ammunition Enterprise Corp. (SM)

founded 1863

The Swiss Ammunition Enterprise Corp. (SM), consisting of the production sides in Thun and Altdorf, is now internationally recognised as a centre of competence for ammunition technology. Combined annual sales of the SM plants in Thun and Altdorf exceed 250 million Swiss francs. SM also has activities in several ammunition technology companies and future-oriented civil applications.

The core business is the development, production and maintenance of ammunition systems. Other services include the recycling of ammunition, explosives, and civil refrigeration and electric appliances.

A new source of revenue for SM is the liquidation of discontinued military equipment and vehicles.

The patrons of SM's defence sector are primarily the Swiss Army and the armed forces of other selected states. The Company has began to apply its technological advancement in civil sectors as well. The successful know-how transfer currently underway from military to civil applications opens up promising long-term opportunities for the Swiss Ammunition Enterprise Corp..

SM employs, as of March 2000, approximately 1'190 people.

The Head Office is in Thun, production plants are located in Altdorf and Thun.